The MACH Team

The MACH Team

by Laura Sallette

Jim Diller

Chairman of the Board


Jim is a technology industry veteran with 20 years of senior management experience. He is currently a partner at venture fund VentureTech Alliance and he has also managed an angel investment fund.

Previously, Jim was CEO of Altos Semiconductor, a company focusing in thermal and system management, which was later sold to Micrel. He also served as Vice President of the System Products Group at National Semiconductors. 

Jim holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley. Jim also serves or has served on the board of directors of Abound Logic (formerly M2000), Advasense, BridgeLux, Exclara, Optichron, and Powervation.  Jim also is a board observer at Axiom Microdevices, Aquantia, and SVTC.


Jon Moeller



Jon is CEO and a board member of MACH Energy, where he also heads corporate development. Prior to joining MACH, Jon spent a decade in financial services business development and transactional roles at Banc of America Securities, Cowen and Storage Technology Corporation, completing ~$20B in transactions.

Jon earned an MBA in Finance and Information Systems from NYU’s Stern School of Business. Jon also earned a BSc from the University of Northern Colorado and has passed the CPA exam. Jon is currently President of a mixed-use project based in San Francisco, and an active member of both the ULI National and San Francisco Sustainable Development Councils.


David Arpi



David has over 30 years of experience in energy and finance. As CFO, co-founder and board member, he manages the Company’s financial position, banking and funding relationships, internal budgeting and variance reporting, accounting, insurance, legal, contract negotiation, tax, corporate reporting and human relations functions.

David’s corporate experience includes Sempra Energy, NewEnergy, Destec Energy, ABB/Impell and Kaiser Engineers. David received his BS from the University of Minnesota and MS from Stony Brook University.


Brian Glynn

SVP, Product Management


Brian manages the product management and development divisions at MACH Energy. Brian has a decade of experience in building and delivering energy management software. With his expertise in user centric design and big data analytics, Brian continues to lead innovations in data management, advanced statistical modeling and data visualizations.

Brian earned an MBA in Management and Entrepreneurship from Creighton University and holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University.


Kristin Rock

VP, Client Services


Kristin Rock heads the Client Services division for MACH Energy. Kristin comes to MACH with more than a decade of energy management and technology experience, from building a successful enterprise energy management program at thousands of Petco Retail Stores to leading the Professional Services group at Phoenix Energy Technologies, and providing energy supply procurement strategies at Schneider Electric.

Kristin has a BS in Psychology and Anthropology. Kristin advocates for a practical, commercial approach to sustainability and energy management initiatives.


Cliff McAuliffe

VP, Customer Success


Cliff is a founding member of MACH Energy and is responsible for the development and management of customer engagement and expansion strategies, where he has delivered best in class support and portfolio expansion for hundreds of millions of square feet of CRE. He has previously led sales, marketing and client services organizations for the Dow Chemical Company, W. R. Grace, and SystemOne Technologies. Cliff holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Davis and an MBA from Central Michigan University. Cliff is also active on the San Francisco BOMA Energy and Environment Committee and is a member of customer energy efficiency committees.