Customer Case Studies and Testimonials

Case Studies






We have found MACH’s software to be very effective in helping us understand and improve our building and overall portfolio performance. MACH Energy’s reporting capability allows us to encourage competition between buildings – a powerful motivator for changing behavior. We use the results that are normalized for many variables such as weather and occupancy, to reward buildings for operational improvements and actual energy savings. With MACH Energy, we have reduced energy use and expense, increased ENERGY STAR scores, reduced tenant costs and improved NOI. The MACH Energy team is knowledgeable, responsive and continues to deliver real value to our entire organization.

Kathy Barnes
SVP, Property Management


MACH Energy allows us to budget and track our electric expenses portfolio-wide, using both utility tariff as well as non-utility power purchase costs. We have also found MACH’s unique ability to give us the bottom line on our energy expenses – by automatically compensating for outside variables – to be extremely valuable.

Rich Bachia
Sr. VP US Operations
Brookfield Office Properties, NYC


Throughout my 35 years in commercial real estate, the standard way to manage energy expense has been to review and track monthly utility bills and compare them against the previous year’s bills. With energy as one of our largest controllable expenses, this method provides very little insight into what makes up our energy expense. I will admit that many of us, me included, were reluctant to look under the hood, but MACH Energy has the commercial real estate expertise and experience to make detailed energy meter data actionable for me and my team. Now we have our entire portfolio on MACH Energy with strong companywide enthusiasm for the program.

Richard W. Greninger
Managing Partner
Carr Services



With MACH, we have significantly lowered our energy expenses over the years, as a result of being better informed on energy expenses, and without having to deploy any capital. We get exceptional value from their product, and MACH Energy continues to innovate with new features and capabilities.

Craig R. Tagen
Managing Director, Head of Asset Management
Clarion Partners, NYC


We are very focused on energy conservation and sustainability. Our approach in conserving energy has two goals – to create a more sustainable portfolio and to drive savings to the bottom line. The MACH Energy platform enables us to empower our engineering teams to produce measurable results. In addition to monitoring electricity, we also monitor steam, natural gas and water at some of our buildings. We selected the MACH Energy platform for our program because it automates our budgeting process and provides us the management tools we needed to drive and reward true cost savings. We are very pleased with the MACH partnership.

Ed Slein
Director, Engineering
Equity Office, Boston


We needed a proven system to “manage what we measure” in our operational efficiency program, and after significant diligence, we deployed the MACH Asset•Manager™. The MACH platform’s management reporting enables a clear focus on cost savings and accountability across our portfolio and MACH’s operational tools provide actionable information to our personnel. The MACH platform and team are critical to helping us create value for our stakeholders – without spending on expensive capital projects.

David Bury
Vice President, Sustainability
Normandy Real Estate Partners, NYC