MACH Energy® Launches Broad Enterprise Reporting Enhancements

Modern energy management software makes it easy to track, present and improve portfolios

OAKLAND, CA, June 25, 2018 — MACH Energy, the leading provider of modern energy management software, announced the upcoming launch of its enhanced enterprise reporting features. MACH’s robust software measures nearly one hundred energy, sustainability, and operating metrics, enabling users to segment performance by portfolio, group, campus, buildings, and accounts.

With many users still mired in Excel or paper-based reports, MACH’s enhanced Enterprise Management features enable portfolio, account, energy, or sustainability managers to turn thousands of data points into benchmarked, actionable information.  

The enhancement also provides rich, customizable graphics allowing users to quickly identify and resolve outliers, and efficiently prepare for internal and external stakeholder meetings.

“It’s been very rewarding working with our customers to help improve their portfolio reporting, and make their jobs’ easier.” said Brian Glynn, MACH’s Senior Vice President of Product Management. “We found numerous ways to improve on our unique capabilities to bring together not only sustainability metrics like ENERGY STAR score improvement opportunities, but also granular operational metrics that can help reduce costs across our customers’ properties. The feedback has been great and we’ve been able to save our customers significant time.”

Continuously incorporating customer feedback, MACH will release several enterprise reporting enhancements. Users will be able to:

  • Leverage a variety of appealing charts and graphics that bring data to life
  • Automatically aggregate energy savings and ENERGY STAR point opportunities and progress
  • Create custom segments to filter performance at the account, building, region, or entire portfolio level
  • Monitor changing conditions by month, by quarter, by year, or by the last 12 months
  • Receive automated “push” Excel & PDF delivery of reports by email 
  • Aggregate nearly 100 metrics including deep analytics like normalized usage, operating conditions, capital projects, budget variance, water & sewer, and many more
  • Normalize data by square footage, weather, occupancy, and tariff rate changes

Customers will be able to access these new features in July.

About MACH Energy
MACH's modern energy management software is mobile and intuitive, simplifying jobs of campus and commercial building operations and management professionals. MACH provides accurate dollar impacts and reporting through seamless utility tariff calculations, and helps drive building NOI and asset values by reducing energy expenses 5-10%+ without expensive capital projects.  Features include automated tenant billing, a mobile app, budget forecasting and reporting, automated identification of savings or ENERGY STAR opportunities, threshold alerts, measurement & verification, and more.