MACH Energy’s Software Platform:

The Easiest Way to

  • Automate Tenant Billing
  • Reduce Energy Costs by 5-10%
  • Generate Budgets & Variance Reports
  • Deliver More Value to Tenants 
and Owners


Automated Tenant Billing


  • Make your job easier: System prompts and tools for you to add and manage tenants
  • Works with both communicating and manually-read non-communicating sub-meters
  • No more Excel documents and manual-input backing bills
  • Use your firm’s logo to brand your bills, automatically
  • Clear overview of how each individual tenant is being billed
  • Reportable History: Your team is able to see over time how tenants have been billed, cost history etc.
  • Shared Records: System is accessible 
to all you designate to the building. Allowing for easy collaboration among individuals.


Budget and variance reporting


With MACH Energy’s software platform, you will be able to:

  • Filter – Hone down the number of buildings to create a more focused report
  • Create and customize reporting metrics
  • Get Summarization – Rolling reports up to different report criteria, and creating/manage those criteria.

Customize and modify your reports with the following values:

  • Budget Tracking
  • Usage & Cost
  • Greenhouse Gas Emitted
  • Dollar Cost
  • Usage
  • Operating Conditions
  • Normalizations
  • Initiatives

Enterprise Management


  • Makes asset and property management jobs easier
  • Flexible reporting lets users see entire portfolio
  • Sort by a variety of building attributes
  • Quickly and easily sort by operating metrics, Initiatives or many other metrics
  • Push reporting or Excel downloads


Customizable Dashboard


MACH Energy’s software platform can now be customized specifically for you.

Our software’s dashboard can be tailored for the buildings, accounts and meters that are important to you, allowing you to

  • Quickly and easily develop accruals
  • Stay on budget
  • Manage your equipment
  • Manage ENERGY STAR.

Threshold Alerts


Demand charges can account for over 40% of building expenses! A single spike in demand could set the value for the next 12 months of bills.

Our Threshold Alerting feature allows you to

  • Define the expected range of operations for your meters
  • Set values as you desire: Time of use, excessive demand, higher or lower thresholds etc.
  • Avoid large over-usage of energy
  • Immediate Alerts to engineers in case of system failure (sudden low usage)
  • Removing demand spikes from their operations
  • Enjoy controllable expenses
  • Drive behavioral changes: feedback mechanism to users to see if they are exceeding or falling below operation targets



Through advanced analytics MACH Energy can detect operational improvement opportunities and we will be able to create an Initiative to give the building team an opportunity to change this behavior.

To understand the impact, Initiatives will show the dollar savings potential, as well as the Energy Star score increase a building can expect through making the change. As the building changes behavior, MACH will be tracking the progress until the opportunity is captured.

Abstract image of office building

Only MACH Energy’s software platform gives you an accurate dollar impact of an operational change through seamless integration with current building and utility tariffs, including

  • Complex demand structures
  • Ratchets, and
  • 3rd party supply contracts

No one understands this like MACH does!

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