Measurement & Verification

Evaluate and track energy savings projects

Initiatives, MACH Energy’s automatically identified energy savings projects, can track the achieved savings of any energy project you’re evaluating or have already implemented in your building(s). These may include capital projects like lighting upgrades and chiller replacements, or even operational changes such as a reduction in weekend base-load or a modification of set points. MACH’s energy data analytics and budgeting tools can help you identify the most effective actionable items for your projects. 

Analyzing a new project’s potential can be difficult and time consuming, and is typically done by the vendor looking to commission the project. Empower your team by using MACH’s “What-If” feature to reveal the potential cost and energy savings of any building project through actual load adjustments, relevant tariff calculations, and by tracking changes against MACH’s weather and seasonally adjusted pre-project baselines or your own custom variables.

Our solutions are built upon trusted standards from IPMVP, ASHRAE Guideline 14, and the Department of Energy’s Measurement and Verification Guidelines, and is flexible to work with a variety of different project types and M&V requirements.