MACH Energy Supports Green Button For Easy Energy Data Access

MACH Energy has been supporting the free Green Button functionality that is offered by many utilities to enable customers to access their energy meter usage information. By leveraging Green Button functionality, MACH Energy customers operating in utilities that support Green Button – Download My Data can quickly and easily access detailed historical meter usage information. The increased availability of Green Button data is important because obtaining detailed meter data has long been challenging. Once the data is obtained, MACH Energy’s analytics can help customers leverage that data quickly and easily by identifying actionable operational improvements, measuring the impact of energy projects, automatically reporting on energy expense reductions and creating budget forecasts.

Green Button is a utility industry-led response to a White House call-to-action to provide utility customers with their own detailed energy usage information under a nationally adopted standard. The standard is set by the North American Energy Service Board (NAESB). As additional utilities support Green Button for commercial customers, more buildings will have access to this type of energy usage information to improve operational efficiency, measure and verify project savings and increase Energy Star scores.

MACH Energy started working with selected utilities on Green Button support over a year ago and has continued to work with selected utilities in their pilot programs to expand access and functionality using the Green Button – Connect My Data. The Green Button – Connect My Data enables direct computer-to-computer communication over the Internet between MACH Energy and utilities. Once fully implemented by utilities, the Green Button – Connect My Data will automate what is currently a manual process of downloading and transferring data from utility websites. Automating the process will reduce manual work by utility customers, minimize processing errors, and improve the frequency of data access.

As the largest vendor of energy management software for the commercial real estate marketplace, serving nearly 100 prominent customers and several hundred million square feet, customers use MACH Energy’s operational efficiency analytics to improve Energy Star scores, reduce energy expenses, and measure and report on energy projects.

Commercial property owners and managers interested in discussing the benefits of using Green Button data and incorporating MACH Energy’s software into their building energy management strategy should contact us: