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Welcome to MACH Energy and my first post!

First, read about our partnership with Electronic Tenant Solutions!

And now, here's a question for you: What is Energy Management?

I've said it many times:, You can’t manage what you can’t measure. And this is a big problem for energy management when energy use data was available only monthly on utility bills. But times have changed. Meter-based energy usage data have become exponentially more accessible, allowing building managers to lower operating expenses. In addition, web-based energy monitoring software like MACH Insights can critically analyze the energy consumption data, identify inefficiencies, and provide better energy efficient solutions with reduced energy expenses – at no toll on tenant comfort.


***Here I am in Hawaii: And I still can't wrap my head around how few buildings utilize energy monitoring software!***

However, despite its proven value from numerous industry and government studies, adoption of utility meter-based data and energy monitoring software remains low in the broader commercial real estate marketplace. Perhaps only 5% of the 50,000+ SF buildings here utilize some form of energy monitoring software. That's such a low number!

Regardless of the current low utilization rate, the economic barriers to use are vanishing, thanks to the broader availability of utility meter-based data combined with lower cost software solutions. Those software solutions provide meaningful analytics and actionable guidance on improving operating efficiency, reducing energy use, and slashing down expenses. Here comes an era of effective energy management.

In my next post, I'll dig in a little more on this change of information availability--why and how it happened, and what it means for all of us.

Stay Tuned!

Sincerely Yours, Walt Homan CEO, MACH Energy