Happy Thanksgiving from MACH Energy

Property managers and building engineers like yourself have worked hard almost the entire year to make sure their buildings run efficiently. And our mission has always been to make your job easier. So for Thanksgiving, we handpicked several energy-saving tips that can help your homes also run more efficiently during this holiday season!

1) Planning is key - from how many people you’re going to invite to what exactly will be on the menu, having a plan gets you a bigger picture of the level of you energy consumption. For example, cooking with slow-cookers and microwaves is more energy efficient. You could also maximize the efficiency of the oven by cooking and storing various dishes with overlapped time and/or at the same time, if you plan ahead a little bit.

2. Turn down the heat- having many folks at home and constant supplying of warm dishes, your house won’t be that cold.

3. Choose your cookware wisely - according to Houselogic.com, cooking with ceramics and glass pans is more efficient for the oven, thanks to their great heat retaining traits. “You can turn down the oven’s temp by up to 25 degrees and get the same results.”

4. Keep’em closed – keep the house doors, oven doors and cookware lids closed, so the heat doesn’t escape and your TG dinner can start on time too! Plus, it’ll save on the energy bills.

5. Clean up smartly – contrary to popular belief, dishwashers (let alone the energy-efficient ones) clean with less water and energy use. Cleaning a full load with dishwasher can save up to 37% water. (Hint, hint, areas with drought problems.)  So only hand wash those things that aren’t dishwasher safe. Another energy saving tip is to air dry the clean dishes before the heated dry starts!

You may also check with our winter prep tips and winter checklist for your buildings & enjoy your holiday with peace of mind! Happy Thanksgiving!

Do you have any other holiday energy saving tips that you’d like to share?

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