Minimize Errors and Expedite Your Tenant Billing Process

Are you a property manager with a lot on your plate every day? Checking emails, generating reports, attending meetings, managing deadlines, checking more emails... So when do you have time for tenant billback? Are inconveniences like manually reading submeters, paper billing, and a slow turnaround time weighing you down? If so, let’s see how automated tenant billing can quickly and efficiently address these issues (and more!).

Oftentimes, the tenant billback process begins with manually reading and annotating the data from each submeter. Additional steps typically include accessing information from different types of meters (digital or analog), entering numbers into unwieldy spreadsheets, and generating individualized bills. Unfortunately, this method is not just time-consuming and archaic, it is also prone to human error. Any mistake along the way can result in miscalculations or worse. Easily avoid these problems by utilizing an energy management software like MACH. Our tenant billing solution can automatically and remotely access submeter data, eliminating the need to check each meter at every building. Our powerful mobile app enhances the manual meter reading process with features like error checking at the point of entry, capturing photos of meters for auditing support, the ability to quickly enter values for digitally labeled meters, and automatic data transfer for bill generation.

After the bills have been calculated and generated, do you drop them off in the mail and hold your breath? By going paperless, you can instantly alert your tenant of their balance and eliminate the risk of snail-mail delays and losses, reduce paper waste, and have access to historical bill data, anywhere, anytime. With all these ways to control for different variables and decrease processing time, all you have to do is wait for the utility’s billing cycle, right? Not anymore! MACH’s software allows you to expedite this process even further with our utility-grade tariff engine, giving you instant access to the previous month’s billed rates. Increase your cash flow by generating bills and recuperating the costs within days, not weeks, of the billing period.

Let MACH Energy’s automated tenant billback solution handle all your billing needs so you can spend less time on the tedious things (like reading submeters), and more time on the important things (like building meaningful relationships with your tenants and maintaining high levels of satisfaction across stakeholders!).

Want more info? Check out our on-demand tenant billing webinar and its presentation below!