Setting up your EMS? Getting Energy Data is Easier than Ever...

Insights from Kristin Rock, Vice President of Client Services.


We’ve all heard the axiom “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” This is particularly true when it comes to managing energy – the information contained in your monthly invoice is simply not sufficient for successfully controlling your energy costs and usage.

In the past, getting better visibility into energy meant a complicated installation process with metering devices, data loggers, internet cables, power adapters and contractors. I previously had responsibility for more than 1,000 assets and I know what a headache installation can be, and how easily it can fall to the bottom of our "to-do" list.  But it doesn't have to be that way! A couple of significant advances have radically changed this scenario for the better, and has made harvesting your energy data much simpler. 

1.  "No set-up" - For a completely hassle-free set-up, a number of utilities have embraced hardware and data protocols like Greenbutton to make interval data more readily available for their customers. In a recent utility survey conducted by MACH Energy, we found that more than 70% of the 150 largest electric utilities offer regularly-available 15 minute interval data, usually for next-day delivery. Accessing this available data allows a building complete energy visibility without any time or money invested in hardware. All that’s needed to get started is a copy of the utility bill and a letter of authorization - and within hours you can have advanced analytics and energy savings calculations ready for action.

2.  "Real-time Set-up" - If you prefer see your energy data in real-time, you’re in luck thanks to improvements in wireless technologies.

Instead of pulling cables and cords to hardwire communications devices, wireless modems and sensors reduce the time and complexity of utility, tenant and equipment meter installs. A process that used to take days or weeks can now be completed in just a few minutes, with a screwdriver and a power source. Similarly, cloud technologies allow data loggers to be remotely configured and monitored by your energy software partner, eliminating another point of confusion and aggravation for the building team. As a bonus, growth and competition in this space mean that prices on hardware have remained low even as the technology improves!

Bottom line – it’s easier than you think to get actionable energy analytics delivered to you. The days of labor-intensive and time consuming installations are over, so no more excuses!  

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