Effective Energy Management: Capturing the Operational Savings & Efficiencies with Moody Rambin

“The continuous baselining and benchmarking of real time building operations against
 past norms helped us achieve and keep a
 high Energy Star score. MACH’s advice on data acquisition and metering […] improved our visibility into building operations and adding a point for our LEED-EB Gold rating.”

–Thomas Wilson, Director of Engineering @ Moody Rambin

Great building solutions lie in accurate and timely data analytics, where operational changes should drive savings without compromising tenant comfort. Here at MACH, we've worked with thousands of different unique buildings and situations, and it's our business to make energy management seamless, cost effective, and easier. Today we’d like to share an efficiency story that goes beyond operational savings – the Tower at 363 North Belt in Houston by Moody Rambin.


In 2010, Moody Rambin faced the challenge to drive a 
5% energy expense reduction. With MACH's software, Moody Rambin was able to quickly catch operational mismatches that led to energy waste. Savings began the moment they implemented 4 small operational changes.

A vision for tenacious building efficiency didn’t just end here. The initial implementation of MACH Energy for utility monitoring and management allowed the Tower’s team to see a future inclusive of a building-wide, reusable and expandable metering architecture - a strong “metering backbone”. Moody Rambin expanded their metering and monitoring scope to submetering their central plant equipment, key mechanical equipment in the building as well as certain tenant spaces. The building efficiency story continued. Moody Rambin took advantage of Rebates from installing window film in 2012. MACH Energy helped accurately evaluate the impacts of this capital project.

Since working with us in 2010, Moody Rambin has consistently shown improved ENERGY STAR scores, lowered emissions, and also achieved LEED-EB Gold rating. The 5% goal set by managers has long since been exceeded. Electric expenses are reduced at an annual average of 8%, increasing NOI and improving the value of the asset. Besides this one building efficiency story, our customers typically average 5-7% energy expense reductions across their portfolios primarily from operational changes.

So what's stopping you?Start saving and making your job easier with MACH.