Carr Properties And MACH Energy Strengthen Long-Term Partnership

Oakland, CA., June 12, 2017 — MACH Energy, the leading provider of commercial real estate (CRE) energy management solutions announced today the completion of a portfolio master services agreement with Carr Properties – a highly respected Washington, D.C. based commercial real estate pioneer. The agreement covers the Carr portfolio and demonstrates the higher level of partnership and commitment between the two companies.

MACH Energy and Carr Properties have worked together for over eight years. The partnership is defined by collaborative innovation and mutual vision. Carr Properties’ portfolio will continue to advance time and energy savings through MACH’s hallmark platform, including these recently added features:

  • Easily customized portfolio reporting, including multiple segment comparisons such as regional views, HVAC system types, etc.
  • Automated tenant billing for both manual and communicating sub-meters
  • Measurement & Verification (M&V) tool for evaluating capital projects

“At Carr we understand the value of energy management through energy analytics,” said Max Greninger, Property Sustainability Manager at Carr Properties. “We have collaborated with MACH for many years, most recently on their M&V tool. They listen to what is important to us. It isn’t surprising to see how incorporating our feedback and others in the industry has led to intuitive, best-in-class software analytics and visibility.  MACH has also invested in a team of experts, so that set-up and ongoing support is quick and productive.  All this contributes to us tightening, and maintaining, our building operations.”

MACH Energy looks forward to helping Carr Properties once again enhance its asset values through rigorous analytics, solid energy savings, and a robust reporting system. “We have seen operational efficiencies and savings increase over time with the MACH Energy software. Their engagement with us has our entire team thinking about how to operate more efficiently. And MACH has streamlined many of our monthly building’s task requirements and improved our portfolio reporting functions,” added Rodney Lambert, Carr’s Director of Engineering. “We look forward to continued improvements with MACH as we spearhead new initiatives to improve our buildings.”

Jon Moeller, CEO of MACH Energy, stated: “Carr has demonstrated exceptional market leadership by making energy efficiency a key part of their culture and we couldn’t be prouder to have worked with them for now eight years and counting. More importantly, we are pleased Carr’s efforts have resulted in long-term energy efficiency success, supported by our software and expertise, including our CRE veteran Cliff McAuliffe. Both Carr and MACH will continue this momentum as we collectively grow.”

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About MACH

MACH Energy is a leading cloud-based and mobile provider of CRETech energy and water management solutions for commercial real estate property managers, operators, engineers, and owners. With some of the nation’s most iconic buildings under management, MACH counts hundreds of commercial, REIT, hotel and corporate building owners as customers encompassing over half a billion square feet of properties across the country.


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MACH Energy Launches New M&V 2.0 Capabilities

Measurement and verification functionality leapfrogs market by making project analysis easy and accurate

OAKLAND, CA, June 7, 2017 — MACH Energy, the leading provider of energy management software, announced the launch of its new version of Initiatives featuring Measurement and Verification (M&V 2.0) capabilities. MACH’s software allows commercial real estate operators, 3rd party partners, and progressive utilities to track and quantify differences in energy use load patterns over time. MACH’s products currently manage iconic landmarks, hotels, and office buildings nationwide, such as the World Financial Center in New York, the San Francisco Ferry Building, and the Aon Center In Chicago.

“MACH’s Initiatives has already helped us achieve significant savings and is a convenient reporting tool for our asset managers,” said Max Greninger, Property Sustainability Manager of Carr Properties .“The new M&V functionality helps us evaluate and communicate “What if” scenarios and actual savings to the team, and also assists in ROI reporting and calculations. We’re glad that MACH continues to innovate with functional and useful tools like these.”

“We’ve taken a standards-based approach to project and operational changes and integrated them into our easy to use Initiatives,” said Brian Glynn, MACH’s Senior Vice President of Product Management. “This solution also leverages MACH’s extensive experience with meter based data and our robust tariff engine. It is already employed in a multitude of use cases, including tracking capital and operational project savings, estimating potential projects, and demonstrating third-party verification. It will enable building teams to accurately evaluate their projects, and communicate those savings to all stakeholders.”

The M&V function is an expansion of Initiatives, MACH’s existing tool that automatically identifies operational savings opportunities. M&V tracks the savings of any energy project by enabling users to apply their own custom specifications whether these variables are already implemented or are being evaluated. Additional features include:

  • Tracking a project’s savings over the course of the equipment’s life
  • Utilizing MACH’s normalized baseline, or provide a custom baseline
  • “What if” project justification with the calculation of annualized savings, payback period and return on investment (ROI)
  • Portfolio view to analyze projects across buildings
  • Adjusting savings for capital costs and rebate incentive programs
  • Automatic email reporting at user configurable frequencies support a range of different stakeholders
  • Provides approachable executive level reports with analysis and visualizations

The M&V solution is based on a number of standards that define savings projections and the measurement and verification process. These include ASHRAE Guideline 14, International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP), and the Department of Energy’s Measurement and Verification Guidelines.


About MACH Energy

MACH Energy Inc. is a leading provider of CRETech energy management solutions for commercial real estate property managers, operators, engineers, and owners. With some of the nation’s most iconic buildings under management, MACH counts hundreds of commercial, REIT, hotel and corporate building owners as customers encompassing over half a billion square feet of properties across the country.

Shifting Workforce Values Corporate Responsibility

Shifting Workforce Values Corporate Responsibility

Recent research of the composite millennial employee reveals that this generation values a sense of greater purpose in their work and prefers companies that advance positive social change. Examining performance indicators like profit margins, marketing success and financials are standard, but many businesses are starting to evaluate, announce, and benchmark corporate responsibility goals. There are various standards to help measure corporate responsibility, such as ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) ratings and SASB Standards, which indicate increased value when companies reach higher standards of sustainability.

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2017 Top 5 Building Energy Trends

2017 Top 5 Building Energy Trends

The New Year rings in fresh starts and earnest resolutions. At MACH Energy, we’re always looking out for ways to help you meet your organization’s goals. From reducing energy consumption to managing tenant billing, MACH provides you with the tools to keep your building in top shape. This year, we’re starting a new tradition and sharing our insider industry knowledge with you regarding energy trends and building outlooks. Continue to read our predictions for Top 5 Building Energy Trends in 2017!

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Winter 2016 Is Here!

Winter 2016 Is Here!

The Northeast just had its first snowfall of the year, and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, winter 2016 is officially here. This means increased energy usage, higher utilities costs, and potentially higher peak demands along with a greater burden on the grid.

Here at MACH, we’ve had a lot of experience with buildings (and winter!). We want to make your jobs easier and help you stay in control this season, so we’ve prepared a WINTER CHECKLIST to assist you in your building prep. Here are some tried and true best practices and precautions you can take so you can worry less about the safety of your building and those winter bills, and enjoy the holiday season to its fullest.

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A New Generation of Tenants: Millennials and Smart Workplaces

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Engaging Your Tenants for Success in Energy Management and Beyond

Engaging Your Tenants for Success in Energy Management and Beyond

Property managers and operation teams strive to keep buildings running smoothly, comfortably, and efficiently. As such, they are typically tasked with finding ways to reduce energy consumption. Though using a building energy management system is one of the easiest tools to identify areas of improvement and measure success, oftentimes one of the biggest resources for energy efficiency – the human element – goes untapped. Here are three tips to help you take your energy efficiency goals to the next level by creating initiatives that incorporate tenant engagement.

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WEBINAR: Engaging Your Tenants in Energy Management

In our webinar featuring Susan Hammer, General Manager with Riverview Realty Partners and Ian O’Neil, CEO and founder of Electric Tenant Solutions, you’ll discover proven methods and learn the best industry practices for engaging your tenants in energy management, creating win-win-win situations in your buildings and beyond. Don’t miss out on these critical insights, and register for our webinar here!

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MACH Energy Joins Mission:data Coalition to Support Data Transparency and Automation from Utilities for Increased Smart Meter Utilization

Delivery of energy data in standard formats is key to unlocking conservation and bill savings

OAKLAND, CA, August 29, 2016 – MACH Energy, a leading provider of energy and water management software services and solutions, today announced the company has joined Mission:data Coalition, an advocacy coalition of technology companies dedicated to promoting and facilitating customer access to their energy usage information to enable increased energy savings in homes and businesses.

Standards and protocols for exchanging energy data are available and implemented in a few large states accounting for about half of U.S. investor-owned utility advanced meter deployments, but many states still lag in providing consumers with access to their usage data, depriving consumers of important opportunities to conserve energy and save money.

To date, billions of dollars have been spent on smart meters nation-wide. The data from these meters can be used to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, but most end-user benefits cannot be realized until utilities implement common standards for data transfer. Once customers can simply and electronically authorize companies to see their usage data – as is now possible in the state of California – bill analysis and cost management tools like MACH Energy’s can be accessible to all commercial energy users.

“As energy management becomes an increasingly ubiquitous practice, accessible data is crucial to customers getting the most out of their technologies,” said Jon Moeller, President and CEO of MACH Energy. “We applaud the work the Mission:data Coalition has done to further this initiative and are excited to join them in fostering consumer-friendly data access practices to advance energy efficiency in the commercial real estate sector.”

“By bringing together industry leaders like MACH in energy and data management, we are advocating for policies that will help to spur innovation in energy management services,” said Michael Murray, Chief Technology Strategist of Mission:data. “We’re looking forward to working with MACH and leveraging the company’s deep experience in CRETech to inform best practices for the utility industry.”


About MACH

MACH Energy is a leading cloud-based and mobile provider of CRETech energy and water management solutions for commercial real estate property managers, operators, engineers, and owners. With some of the nation’s most iconic buildings under management, MACH counts hundreds of commercial, REIT, hotel and corporate building owners as customers encompassing hundreds of millions of square feet of properties across the country.


About Mission:data

The Mission:data Coalition is a coalition of more than 40 energy management technology companies helping residential and business consumers save energy through advanced, data-driven technologies. The coalition works in states throughout the country on behalf of consumer-friendly data access policies to help consumers save energy and money. More information about the Mission:data Coalition can be found at