Property Manager

Property Manager

by Laura Sallette
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Are you juggling energy budgeting, reporting while managing a building?

Make your job easier with MACH Energy: Save time on tedious budget and reporting, while delivering more value to your tenants and building owners. MACH’s software automates tenant billing and energy reporting, while our analytics have been shown to reduce costs by up to 10%.


Our tenant billing feature makes your job easier with system prompts and tools for you to add and manage tenants.


Our intuitive automated budgets and variance reporting greatly reduces tedious and time-consuming tasks by helping you understand the normalized impacts of weather, tariff rate changes, and occupancy.


Our Initiatives turn data into actionable improvements that allow building management team to institute immediately.


Our software’s dashboard can be tailored for the buildings, accounts and meters that are most meaningful for your role in building energy management.

“MACH Energy’s reporting capability allows us to encourage competition between buildings – a powerful motivator for changing behavior. We use the results that are normalized for many variables such as weather and occupancy, to reward buildings for operational improvements and actual energy savings.”

Kathy Barnes
SVP, Property Management